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"Card case made from a piece of leather"


It is something that makes you want to call it a "work" that overturns the stereotype that "a business card holder is used in this way with this kind of structure." m.ripple Murakami asks himself what it means to make things using leather. One of the answers is to create a shape with the elasticity and rigidity of the leather itself. On top of that, it must be easy to use as a practical product and beautiful.

The business card / card holder (double) is made entirely of a single piece of leather. All four sides are shaped by the natural curve of leather, and the function is two air chambers x 2, for a total of four pockets. This is a convenient case for those who want to carry a lot of cards.

Buttero Maremma's texture of bare leather without lumps, uncut cross-sections, and thick hand-sewn threads will surely provide satisfaction to leather lovers. Compared to singles with a slightly general structure, doubles, which have a bold shape unique to leather, should be considered by those who do not like the same things as people.

Business card / card case <double>

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