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"A bag that drives you on a journey"


A trip doesn't come even if you wait. You plan yourself, make time, use your money, and use your feet.
It's like work ...

Yes, I have to travel.

And it would be nice to have a bag like this beside you on your journey.

A Boston bag with a solid size that has become rare these days. The rolling bags are exclusively for developed countries, which are all paved.

This travel bag was developed based on the bag of the US Navy's aviation soldiers by appropriately combining truck seats and bullhide.
The truck seat (hood) is highly weather resistant, durable, and lightweight to protect your luggage from the elements.
There are 1 zipper pocket and 6 small pockets on the inside. Comes with a shoulder strap.

Pack your travel tools such as clothes, shoes, cameras, books, and sunglasses with pompoms to hot, cold, nearby hot springs, and distant towns.
Travel. Travel.

Aviators handbag

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