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This may be the last wallet you have

The wallet made by m.ripple is not light. Especially this plug-in wallet may feel heavy.
But it is good. First of all, you will be overwhelmed by the gorgeous colors in your eyes and the profound feeling that you can feel in your hands. It can be partially switched with a cloth to make it lighter, but Mr. Murakami's desire for long-term patronage and the realization of the durability of all-leather with plenty of oil and the form that does not settle even if the contents enter. It contains the technology to make it.
When you open the inside, the yellow suede makes you feel something auspicious and makes you feel better.
As you continue to use it, the color of the Minerva Box tanned in Italy changes deeply and deeply. Sometimes it's good to look back over the years, comparing it to the inner color, which naturally slows down.
12 cards can be stored. Receipts can be organized by partitions.
If you see it, you will sigh at its delicate technique, and if you pick it up, you will be immersed in the satisfaction of owning it.
A gem suitable for being your last wallet.

Plug-in wallet

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