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(Kigo / Osaka)

Mr. Takayuki Uchiyama, the representative of KIGO, says that he often comes up with products based on what he sees at the moment or his favorite music.

For example, a scene from an old movie, or an emotion evoked by music.

Since I lived in Higashi-Osaka, a manufacturing town since I was a student, I was blessed with encounters that included inevitability.

I became involved as a professional in bag manufacturing, which I started by self-education.

Mr. Uchiyama likens the difference between the original self-made bag and the product made by a professional, "a kennel made by a hobby do-it-yourselfer and a three-story building built by a carpenter with a blueprint drawn by an architect." Talk. It will be an unchanging truth even in the present day of craft heyday.
Professional wisdom packed in products, the idea of patterns that are more important than design, and sewing technology that embodies it. It is said that the number of people who inherit these things is decreasing in Higashi Osaka.


"Major makers have only asked craftsmen for the minimum quality and price."
Mr. Uchiyama founded KIGO because he wanted "good craftsmen to do good work" and "I don't want consumers to be satisfied with the minimum." It's because you can understand it if you get "things with different dimensions in everything".
With a small number of skilled craftsmen, he moves around every day for ingenuity, development, production and business negotiations.

The brand name KIGO has the meaning of "seasonal word" that connects the season and human beings and "symbol" that is a proof of the real thing.
"I will make something that people who see the product later will say," That old man made such a great thing ... ", a quiet determination breathes.
KIGO will create products that survive by giving new life and a semi-permanent shape to leather, which used to have life.

KIGO: サービス

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