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Vasco (Vasco / Higashi-Nakano)

Vasco's characteristic is to use non-finished (unfinished) leather and create a vintage-like texture with its own dyes and oils to make it a heavy-duty product. Their inquisitive spirit of creating what they want if they can't get it corresponds to their concept of "travel tools."

"The emphasis is on how to break straight lines, blend them in, and express shadows."

Mr. Namiki, the director, learned how to re-dye and process leather by himself since he was working at a second-hand clothing store. Gloss old leather that is too dull, or try to change the color of a dull vintage product.
Eventually, I founded VASCO in 2009 with the idea that "I can't get used clothes anymore, but if I make it myself, I can pursue my ideals. If it's leather, I can work on things that will last for a long time." ..


VASCO's main product uses leather that expresses a unique texture with dyes and oils against Nume leather. This is a so-called hill dyeing method. Hill dyeing is an old technique of painting only the surface of leather, but it is also an easy way to color it. Nowadays, colors are often sprayed, but at VASCO, colors and oils are applied by hand. By careful hand-painting work, as if layers are layered, natural unevenness is drawn, creating a depth that seems to have already been used.
The recipe is being improved for each product, such as whether the gloss is brought out as intended and how dry it is, as well as the color.

Both products are based on vintage and are designed to be modernized to withstand modern travel and lifestyle.
Leather products as a "travel tool" of life, which seems to be rugged and sophisticated, have already captured the hearts of many fans.
Valuing expressions that can only be produced by hand, their journey to survive the rough seas of time and aim for something that remains will continue.

vasco: サービス
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