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(M Ripple / Tokyo)

A brand in which Mr. Hironobu Murakami performs the entire process from design to production by himself. The beauty of the appearance that can only be understood by using it

The excellence as a practical product that exudes only after continued use should be transmitted to that hand.

When you get it, all you do is invest in time.

"Not only the goodness that is visible, but also the goodness that exudes requires aging. We are preparing with that in mind."

"Ripple" of m.ripple is a ripple. The emotions of the user are made to undulate in the form of a drop, and the ripples continue quietly but surely.
Mr. m.ripple Murakami creates a product that becomes more beautiful after being used for 5 to 10 years than when it was picked up.
In order to overcome the sea of time and endure daily tasks, a certain degree of robustness is required. So m.ripple's products are light and not thin. On the other hand, it is not a manufacturing method that prioritizes only the robustness of sewing with thick thread using thick leather.


Beautiful to the last, beautiful forever.
And a certain profound feeling that gives the satisfaction of owning.
To that end, Mr. Murakami's bag is designed by calculating the form and tension applied when it is held in the hand. It creates a natural silhouette drawn by the original rigidity and suppleness of leather without sticking a core.
Murakami's thoughts on creating indelible ripples are the reason why he uses a lot of colorful leather. Bright colors add depth, and dark colors become more glossy.

It is not gorgeous at all, but has the strength to survive time in a simple and delicate appearance. I want you to get a product of m.ripple that can be polished only by using it, and engrave each user's story in the margin beyond time.

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