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(Decibel / Tokyo)

Decibel's characteristic is a product that adds warmth to leather to a metal-centered body that is close to life with a bicycle and nature.
More freedom for your car to drive in the city. More original. To the one you can love even more.
With confidence and pride in the long-established leather studio founded in 1956, the leather brand "decibel" for bicycle accessories, which debuted in 2013, puts a passion for leather and a love for bicycles into its products.

"Because it's a small workshop, I want to make something that a few people will say,'Wow, I wanted this.'"

Sato Shoten, which was founded by Mr. Uchida's granduncle as a leather wholesaler, has shifted to making small leather goods since the second generation took over. Originally, Sumida Ward has a history as a manufacturing town such as traditional crafts, dyeing and leather, so it may be said that it is a natural flow.
Mr. Uchida started his career from sales and product planning at sports equipment stores, and after joining his uncle's company, he started his business as the third generation after undergoing "training" on this road while receiving guidance from an old craftsman. It came to inherit.
"Since then, even a small private brand has grown in Japan with an atmosphere that makes people interesting."
I was excited to come up with a plan.


Then, by combining the technology cultivated in the production of leather accessories such as leather wallets with his own intention as a bicycle enthusiast (enthusiast), he started his own brand "decibel".
Because it is a product that can be freely made, we select materials from Japan and take pride in handmade products that we have inherited, and face manufacturing.
Decibel is a coined word that combines "Decimeter" (called "decibel" in the industry), which is a unit of leather size, and "Bell", which symbolizes a bicycle.

From the hip leather items that make your bicycle life more enjoyable, you can see that Mr. Uchida himself goes beyond the category of work and enjoys working from the bottom of his heart. Bicycles are cool and deep. If you combine leather like this, it seems that you will talk with your eyes shining.

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