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(Beerberry / Tokyo)

Manufacturing cannot be played with hampered power. A factory brand launched by the talented leather goods who have undertaken the work of many super brands. We will create products that are not free, with twisted ideas and well-trained skills that are unique to non-free makers.

"Every single product is playful."

Mr. Koyama, who is in charge of production, met Mr. Wakai, the representative of BEER BELLY, while working as a leather belt craftsman. Mr. Koyama, who wanted more three-dimensional manufacturing, and Mr. Wakai, who was looking for the establishment of a factory brand, hit it off and thought about items such as bags and wallets with a beer as if they were playing a game. We met each other.
The more I did it, the more beer I got, and the more I became "beer hungry", so I named it BEER BELLY.
"It's spectacular to see the scattered parts assembled into one and finally completed as a set," Koyama says of the joy of this work.


It's the very process by which their ideas become products.
Even now, we don't dare to set up a person in charge of design, and any of the production staff can come up with ideas, and we all evolve them to create the products that we want.
Each product has "playfulness" and "devices", and some ingenuity and twist have been added to its usage and usability (see each product page for details).

Of course, the materials and manufacturing methods they choose are all seriously scrutinized. The awesomeness and excitement that a talented maker played seriously should surely make the user feel happy.

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