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​About care

About repair and care of the product after use

All the products we handle are expected to be used for a long time.

Please feel free to contact us for repairs after use.

We accept it free of charge and for a fee. Please feel free to contact us.
In addition, we recommend that you take appropriate care of the product by referring to this.


Maintenance of leather products does not have to be irritable.

It's not difficult as long as you keep a few points in mind.

If you think of leather as "leather," it is the same as a human face, for example. It dries in winter.

Just like washing your face and then moisturizing it,
You can think of it as dusting → cleaning → nourishing / moisturizing → protecting.

Moreover, it is basically enough to do it only occasionally when you are interested.

In the case of a wallet

■ Almost no maintenance is required. It is moderately moisturized by the sebum from the hands. Rather than drying out, your usual unfavorable use, such as putting it in your butt pocket or packing too many cards, has a lot to do with your subsequent condition.

■ Wipe off immediately when moisture such as rain adheres.

Be careful when putting it in a bag with a PET bottle.

■ Occasionally empty the contents and clean up dust and debris to rest.

■ If you feel that it has become extremely dry, moisturize it in the same way as the bag below.

In the case of a bag

■ The basics of care are brushing and dry wiping. Dust and light stains can now be removed.

■ Maintenance should be done only a few times a year, mainly in the dry season, as follows.

・ If dirt is noticeable after brushing, use a cleaner on the whole or its part.

・ Spread a thin layer of leather-retaining cream and rub it in to nourish and oil.

Depending on the leather, brushing it again will increase its luster.

・ A protective film can be formed by itself, but if you want to protect it well, wipe it with a waterproof spray.

■ Wipe off immediately when moisture such as rain adheres. If water stains occur, wipe the entire surface with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly to let the stains blend in. Dry in the shade and moisturize with cream before the leather is completely dry. Rain is inevitable if you use it, so care after getting wet is important.

■ When storing the product without using it for a while, you can prevent it from losing its shape by packing it with newspaper. Place it in a dry place out of direct sunlight. And please use it again.

■ Items As a basic set, if you have the following items, you can do the minimum care.
○ Brush

There are pig hair and horse hair, but if you get lost, the chewy pig hair is recommended.

From dust removal to cream finishing, it's OK with just one.
○ Leather cream

If it is colorless, you can share it with your shoes. Apply thinly with a cloth. However, if you do it by hand, the cream will warm up at body temperature and the sensation will be easier to understand, so it may be easier to spread it thinly.
・ M. Mowbray Aniline Cream ・ M. Mowbray Delicate Cream ・ Collonil 1909 Supreme Cream Deluxe ・ Boot Black Silver Line Delicate Cream etc.
* The above example is suitable for most leather products, but it may not be suitable for some products. If you cannot make a decision, please feel free to contact us.

△ Cleaner

It has the role of removing dirt and removing old cream. It can be shared with dress shoes, but I don't think it's necessary to use it every time.
△ Waterproof spray

This may also spoil the texture, so I think that you should use it if you really care about it.

Leather has become a product for practical use.

The first step to getting along well is to use it and check it every day for its texture and appearance.
It is called "growing" leather, but please take care of it once in a while with the feeling of watching over its growth, not over-protecting it.

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