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(Pillbox / Hiroshima)

The pillbox has been operated by Noboru Amasaki and Mr. and Mrs. Rumi since 1999.

The material is identified by two eyes, the design and manufacturing method are examined, and it is shaped by Mr. Noboru.

Contrary to choosing a material to make something, we make it with the idea of what can be done with that material.

"When I come across a material, I will think about what kind of things I can make from it."

Taking advantage of the characteristics of each leather, the product seems to be rough, and when you pick it up, it shows that it is pierced by a delicate design and a firm idea. Shortly after the establishment of the pillbox, the two traveled to France and, after a journey of encountering materials such as leather and metal fittings, have refined the way of utilizing and sensitizing the materials unique to this brand.


"Do not include any useless designs"
Pillbox leather products are simple, solid and straight.
A clean function as a tool. There is no extra decoration. This is because a bag with a wide vacant inside can be used by each user as they like according to their lifestyle, and it responds to it regardless of age or age.
That is, freedom is embraced there.

And so that freedom comes with responsibility, the simple look must be backed by a solid foundation.
It looks simple, and in fact, it takes a lot of effort to design the structure and strength. Mr. Noboru, who can do the engraving with his own hands, has a professional perspective on details such as joining metals, sewing leather, and attaching parts. Whether it's photography, text, or handmade products, the boundaries between amateurs and professionals are ambiguous in any world, and now the boundaries between amateurs and professionals are at stake. Pillbox products show it quietly.
I'm sure you will be able to experience a tool that goes beyond its role as a tool and touches the heart of the user.

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