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OUGI Leathers
(Ougi Leathers / Oita → Osaka)

If you've ever worked on leather, you might look at OUGI Leathers products and say "Wow". Yuta Goto picks up needles and threads in his atelier and handcrafts them into the shape that he imagines as if he had forgotten the time. The brand name of the fan, which is said to be auspicious, is with the desire to use it "for a long time".

"I want you to be proud of having good things and use them proudly."

Mr. Goto of OUGI Leathers says, "The appeal of leather is that there is no single piece of leather in terms of color and expression." We select leather that retains its natural texture and make leather products with impressive hand-sewn stitches.
The product has a warmth that reflects Mr. Goto's simple personality, which is finished one by one at a workshop in Oita prefecture.
Mr. Goto is a craftsman who doesn't talk much, but the more he listens, the more attention he pays to the details.


Most leather products break not from the leather itself, but from the seams. At OUGI, leather, an originally durable material, is sewn with beeswax-blended thread to make it even tougher so that it can be used for a long time. Carefully polish the edge (cut surface of leather) that affects the feel. Repeat trial and error so that the reinforcement part is also integrated with the design.

The finished product has a personality that can only be possessed by leather products created by putting heart and soul into it with one hand, not as an assembly line. Please look forward to the future of OUGI, which is still a young brand.

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