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"Large capacity of tote bag and mobility of backpack"


A back tote bag that has a solid presence and is finished in a well-balanced manner while taking advantage of the tote and backpack.
It is a gem that gives a glimpse of BEERBELLY's ability as a factory brand.
Whether you go to work, play, or travel, you will surely have more opportunities to be dispatched as a regular player on a daily basis.

The removable leather strap is a luxurious specification with a thickness of 4 mm, and it becomes soft and familiar to the body as it is used. The large button that holds the mouth is machined from BEERBELLY original brass. There is no doubt that you can spend a long time with leather, fabrics, and metal fittings while enjoying the changes over time.
There are large pockets, zipper pockets, partition pockets, and a wide pocket on the back, which are functionally fulfilling.

Both the denim model that can be used casually and the cool black canvas model are highly evaluated by users who are active every day, such as those who carry a PC, those who just throw in and move around, and those who ride a bicycle.
It can be said that it is their masterpiece that BEERBELLY worked on with confidence.

Back tote pack

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