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"To professionals who fight every day"


A business card case that contains plenty of oil and wax and allows you to enjoy the supple and powerful feel of bullhide.
The color change seen when the imposing leather with a thickness of 4 mm is bent is due to the pull-up caused by the pressure of the oil in the fibers. It is a characteristic of natural materials, not the color expressed by pigments.

The characteristic true casting fastener is said to have been used for fire fighting clothing of firefighters, and it inspires the hearts of users who fight every day.

The number of business cards that can be stored is small because it opens in a triangular shape with a bamboo grass (called this because the parts are shaped like bamboo leaves). This is because Mr. Uchiyama's master, who handles KIGO, said that "business cards are not stored in business card holders", so I dared to design it that way.

Don't neglect the business cards you receive, and don't sell business cards with your name and profession on them.

"BULL" card case

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