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"In a life full of scratches"


Bull is an adult cow, weighing up to a ton, and is a huge and ferocious guy.
Cowboys also pay close attention to their treatment. The main event in the rodeo is the bull ride to ride the bull. Show off the power to blow away humans in an instant.

Such bull leather (bull hide) seems to be caught in a rough prejudice, but this shoulder bag is not.
It is said that only one company in Japan can handle this special and time-consuming process. After tanning with full tannins, carefully apply your own oil or wax by hand. We succeeded in tame the leather with firmness and softness without hiding the wild scratches, which is a living proof of the bull, and without impairing the toughness.

Like the briefcase, the KIGO shoulder bag has no internal pockets that are so smooth that it would be a waste to keep it inside. The capacity is larger, and the handle and strap are all leather. Matte black metal fittings enhance the brilliance of leather.
It's a shoulder bag with a slightly strict look, but KIGO Uchiyama said, "In a movie that I don't remember when I saw it or what it was, the scenery of a delicate girl wearing a big bag on her shoulder was forever imprinted on my heart. I imagined that. "
Take it out to your own daily story.


* This product is made to order. We will inform you about the delivery date after you place your order.

"BULL" half flap shoulder

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