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A well-thought-out design in a bill-sized body

This is a long wallet (slim version) that Mr. Murakami thought out about the beauty and ease of use of m.ripple, and the meaning of making it with leather, by re-examining the common use of wallets, such as "putting in and out money".

All four sides are shaped by folding leather, so it is rounded and fits comfortably in the hand.
The soft Minerva box body and the crisp Buttero Maremma flap are a combination of luxurious leather.
All show aging that makes them fun to use.

It can be expected to be used for a long time because it is made of only leather and thread without using any consumable zippers or metal fittings.
The first characteristic is the card storage, which can be inserted horizontally into a slit instead of a pocket to hold 6 cards (DEW-002 has 8 cards vertically). One separate IC card pocket.
It looks beautiful and is easy to put in and take out.
The bills are stored in the flaps installed diagonally. It prevents the bill from breaking due to the gusset and can be used neatly.
The coin pocket is made by folding one piece of leather instead of sewing two pieces of leather together, so that the coin is not caught in the bottom.
Designed to give you a panoramic view of the contents of your wallet, it's easier to use than you think.

Mr. m.ripple Murakami's high ability as a designer and his knowledge as a craftsman who specializes in leather are utilized in the structure, usability, and materials.
Check out the slim size DEW-003 and the full size DEW-002.

DEW-003 (Slim)

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