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"Unfortunate champion" BULL ", Shigeki Makido"


A bull is an adult male cow that has not been castrated. Most bulls are castrated and steered during the first or second month of life. The ranch thus limits fertile bulls in order to control the number of calves born.
In other words, a bull is a chosen person who is allowed to leave offspring. However, the meat is hard, the leather is thick, the fibers are coarse, and the grain surface (front surface) has many scratches. Being a leather full of flaws other than being durable, bullhide was usually only used as a belt or sole for industrial machinery.

The domestic tanner who received the request from KIGO realized a special tanning with a surprising workmanship for the client. By adding modern technology to the old manufacturing method of fixing and arranging hundreds of nails on a piece of leather, the texture and scratches peculiar to bulls are left as a texture, but it seems that it is almost unbelievable. It also has a moist softness.

The smoothness and brilliance of the floor (back surface) of the Bullhide, which can be touched in the air chamber of the briefcase, makes it feel like it is a waste to keep it inside.
In order to enjoy the bullishness of the cow's king, KIGO has secured an appropriate thickness for the leather and has not dared to add fine work such as pockets. I would like you to sort by commercially available bags in bags.
One point fastening of brass metal fittings to the half flap. It is this simplicity that has universality that can be used for a long time and may even be passed on to the next generation.

"BULL" Half Flap Briefcase

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