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Thoughts in a small wallet

Mr. m.ripple Murakami who can put the reason for making things from leather and the reason for using that specific leather from among many leathers in the product.

This bi-fold wallet, which does not use metal fittings such as zippers and buttons, has been well received for its simple yet well-thought-out structure and precise design.
The original design looks casual at first glance, but it can store enough bills, coins, and cards, and there is no excess or deficiency. Since it is based on a structure in which a piece of leather is folded, it swells according to the amount of contents to form a natural form.
Also, according to the calculated pattern, when the wallet is opened, the leather inside is pulled and it opens naturally. Design is meaningful only when it is integrated with function and usability.

The coin pocket is closed by covering it with a leather flap. The tension and friction of the leather hold the contents sufficiently.
An IC card can be stored on the back of the flap, making it easy to use for daily commuting.

The leather is a dyed Minerva box made by tanning French raw leather in Italy, leaving a natural cow-like pattern on the skin. It is a material full of the fun of leather, where you can enjoy beautiful coloring and aging with each use.
A compact, lightweight, bi-fold wallet full of ideas that fits snugly in your jacket's chest pocket.
It's the perfect wallet for those who prefer solid leather but want to be light.

Bi-fold wallet

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