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"A masterpiece card case that embodies the meaning of making things from leather"


A business card / card holder made of smooth and chewy high-grade leather "Buttero Maremma". It is a beautiful finish unique to m.ripple, which aims to shape the form of the product by using the tension of the leather itself.

This single model has a structure in which a piece of leather is folded except for the belt into which the lid is inserted. Therefore, when there are many cards inside, the gusset part swells, and when there are few cards, it fits thinly.

The subtle reddish-brown gradation is not expressed by paint, but is created by the curve pressing the oil contained in the leather fibers. It is a phenomenon peculiar to leather with a lot of oil called pull-up.
It looks smooth, but when you touch it, you can feel the moist oil content, and the more you touch it, the more glossy you can enjoy over time.

Since the inside is divided into two air chambers, your business card and the business card you received are separated, and there is no excess or deficiency in usability. The colors are black and reddish brown, which are the usual business specifications.

Business card / card case <single>

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