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Simple beauty and ease of use

Minerva Box is a high-class leather tanned by the bucket method, which boasts a history of more than 1000 years in Italy. After being tanned with vegetable tannins, it is slowly soaked in oil for a unique moist texture. It is characterized by uneven grain and good color development depending on the part.
Mr. m.ripple Murakami wants you to love the bright colors at the beginning and how they change astringently, so the Minerva Box does not use black or brown, which has a small color change (there). See Buttero Maremma).
The structure is very simple, but once you use it, you'll notice its well-thought-out minimalist excellence.
If there is no zipper in the coin compartment, there is no gusset on one side. Therefore, it can be opened wide and the operability is very high. You can behave smartly because there are few actions to take out money.
A total of 8 cards can be stored, 4 on each side.

Round zipper thin wallet (Minerva Box)

PriceFrom ¥28,080
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  • m.ripple

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