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"Tough guy like a bouncer"


In American colloquialism, the passenger seat of a car is called a "shotgun."
Sitting in the passenger seat is a "Riding shotgun" and the passenger in the passenger seat is a "Shotgun rider".

This originated from the fact that during the archetypal era of the latter half of the 19th century, a person with a shotgun was riding next to the coachman (wagon) to protect passengers and luggage from bandits and looters.
It is said that it became established as the idiom "Riding shotgun" through movies and western TV plays in the 20th century.

Aside from storage, KIGO's shotgun tote was named after the image of putting in the necessary belongings and throwing it into the passenger seat.

With a generous size of H37 / W32 / D14cm, it boasts enough capacity for one night.
Like KIGO's other truck seat series, it is a tough guy that combines a durable and lightweight truck hood material with a heavy bullhide.
The mouth is zippered and comes with a shoulder strap in case the luggage is heavy.
Inside is a zippered large pocket, two medium pockets, and one small pocket.

Shotgun Tote Bag

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