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Leather backpack that makes you want to go on a journey with freedom

This leather tanned in Italy was originally made to use the floor (back leather) on the front side.
In the pillbox, the silver surface (leather) is appointed as the front, and it is made into a backpack with this wild look. Therefore, the ripe atmosphere that seems to have already completed one or two trips oozes into fine wrinkles and tigers.

It is a specification that has been scraped off so that it can be fastened horizontally with a brass buckle and vertically with a hook. Some of the metal fittings were engraved by Tochca Noboru Amasaki himself.
Except for the outer pocket on the back, the inside of the fuselage wrapped in leather is a large space. The simplicity and solid appearance that Tochca pursues are expressed straightforwardly. I want each user to freely use the bag or bag in bag according to the changing lifestyle at that time.
For example, 10 or 20 years later, people don't know if they carry a PC or something. Who knows how books and pens are evolving?
That's why, because it is supposed to be used for 10 to 20 years, the space and freedom to wrap everything is secured there. The usual Setsusuke is pear. Because your lifestyle is original.

Whether it's a strange town, a bed on the grass, or beyond the noise of a motor and dust, with a look like "take me out anytime", it'll be with you.

Aimer backpack

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