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A bag that makes just going out a "journey"

There are also nylon bags out there. There is also a cotton bag. Some of them look good as they are.
When asked why they bother to choose leather, I think it's all about "I want to use it forever."
And it's cool to use it for a long time. It doesn't matter if it's squishy or sloppy. You can be alone.

You live your daily life and make your own journey. Because it's the main character, it has to be cool.

A duffel bag made from leather, which is a "travel tool" that is the concept of Vasco.
You can pack your luggage from above into a body with a capacity of about 30 liters, and put in and take out small items from the side zipper. In addition to the shoulder strap, it comes with a grab handle.

Imagine yourself traveling with such a bag. Where is the destination?
The actual daily destination may be a gym, a laundromat, or a family home.
However, the journey I imagined will surely be true someday.

Leather duffel bag

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