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For those who have the eyes to see the real and good products by themselves, not by someone's evaluation, Sunawachi offers leather products that Japanese craftsmen are proud to make.
Each brand we handle is run by one or a small number of craftsmen with craftsmanship, and each product is hand-crafted one by one.
Each product is different from mass-produced products, with its ingenuity for ease of use and careful finishing that are typical of Japanese craftsmen.

Depending on the product and the time of year, it may take some time after you place an order, but even while you wait, a long relationship between you and the product has begun.
In addition, due to the nature of leather, which was originally a living thing, there may be wrinkles, unevenness, and blood lines (traces of blood vessels) that are not found in artificial materials.
I hope that you will love me, thinking that it is also the individuality of the product that I met with you.

Enjoy the unique taste and value of high-quality leather products that will become familiar to your hands and change in color and texture as you use them for the next decade, twenty years, or even longer.
I hope these leather goods are always with you as a supporting player in your work, your style and your life. I want you to choose it as a gift with all your heart to someone special.
Sunawachi hopes so.

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A column on that writes about leather on an irregular basis

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​Sunawachi Osaka Store

The Sunawachi store is located on the back street of Honmachi in Osaka so that you can take a leisurely look at it.

Come see, touch and sniff quality leather products.
Bags, wallets, money clips, key cases, tablet sleeves, notebook covers, etc.

We can also respond to various orders. Please contact us.
Click here for the standard price of custom-made products.

1-2-2 Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka
Immediately from Exit 21 of Osaka Metro "Honmachi Station"

1-2-2 Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka City 
JAPAN # 550-0011

TEL. 06-6616-9626

The transmission is complete.

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