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Supple and light shoulder bag

A leather shoulder bag that grows wild as you use it.
It's casual but doesn't look like anyone else. I never get tired of it even when it gets old. Neither men nor women choose who to use.

Despite the simple appearance of Tochca, the goodness of having a leather bag is condensed, and it will make the owner's daily life a little fun.

The gusset with plenty of 13 cm secures enough capacity every day, and the soft shoulder strap with a width of 6 cm along the body does not make you feel the weight of the luggage.
The bag itself has a minimum of metal fittings, and because it is a single piece of unlined leather, it is lighter than 1 kg.

A shoulder bag with open hands is easy to use on walking days, bicycle days, and rainy days, and although some bags should be used in turn, it is a caution bag that promises to take out so much. is.
Leather that contains a lot of oil will be less noticeable by brushing if it is a small scratch, and the part that hits the body or the part that you often touch with your hands will change darkly, creating uneven, that is, your own shadow.


* This product is made to order. We will inform you about the delivery date after you place your order.

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