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"Pack what you want to deliver and walk"


VASCO specializes in expressing good old things in shaded leather by layering layers of oil and dye using hand-painting techniques.
The masterpiece is this Postman shoulder bag.
It is based on the mail bag used by American mail carriers in the early 1900s and 1960s.

The vegetable tannin tanned leather from Himeji is carefully soaked with oil using a technique called hill dyeing, and the dye is applied.
Furthermore, the Kogashi finish expresses a vintage-like spoilage.

Director Namiki says, "The image of breaking a straight line." While polishing and kneading to finish, the straight lines are made into natural curves and the taut surface is made into soft irregularities, which creates a rich expression unique to handmade products.
Flaps to protect letters from rain and dust, heavyweight 4mm leather straps, large rivets struck at key points, durable cotton canvas lining and solid construction to support solid work. There is.
On the back of the body where the A4 fits, there is a grab handle that is convenient for snapping.

At first, use hard tannin tanned leather well, and enjoy the change in shape and texture as if you were traveling together.
Well, what should I deliver to that person?

Postman shoulder bag

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